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Common MISTAKES Must Be AVOIDED During Drive Test!

The pressure to perform is so intense that getting your knees rattling and palms moist is nothing but a common scenario for the learners in a VicRoads DRIVE TEST ! But, here’s something to remember: LEARN driving don’t always come easy for the BEGINNERs. Having some ROUTINE driving lessons is certainly not going to put you in a position that can ensure your SUCCESSFUL outcome in your drive test.




Learn driving is simply the tip of an iceberg when it goes to VicRoads Drive Test. You need to have a healthy mindset to get a successful outcome in your drive test. Nerves are something that plays a significant role in shaping your mindset. We develop your healthy mindset through an extensive range of mentoring during your lessons that will eventually put your nerves in a comfort zone during your drive test.



A Simple ROADMAP To VicRoads Driving LICENSE!

Did you recently take the step of starting your DRIVING lessons in a busy traffic? As exciting as this may be, it’s only natural to feel a bit of fear in the early days. With so many UNANSWERED questions, you may be concerned as to what is going to be happen next in such a challenging DRIVING situations. Not LEARNING to drive simply but learners need to build a level of CONFIDENCE to have a successful outcome in their DRIVE TEST.




What makes Our Drive Test Preparation Unique in Carlton?

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What our clients say

Absolutely brilliant instructor.He easily observes what your faults and correct them ver quickly.Thanx a lot

Nilan Withanage Bundoora

Thank you so much Mofa for helping me passing the exam in the first attempt itself. It would have been difficult for me to pass the driving test without your tips and perfect guidance. I should say your patience to repeat the same checks again and again during the classes until I was so confident not to miss it during the test. I recommend you to anyone looking for a good instructor and pass the test in first attempt.

Saroj Subramanian Sunshine

After i tried from a different driving instructor and i failed in my drive test and then i googled and i came across a driver instructor by the name of MOFA with good review i did call him up just one class of driving with him i took i knew he was a class driving instructor he was patient he was full of road rule knowledge and above all he keeps showing u where u need to do better.such was MOFA driving teaching that in 40days i was passed and if you guys are struggling to go to MOFA and he’ll help you with life long skill and knowledge.thank you MOFA once again

Malcolm Maseyk Kensington

Thank you so much Mofa for helping me.
You have a very good teaching methods, great techniques!

Janeji S Flemington

Thank you so much mofa you made an excellent instructions and guidance to me to success the drive test in first attempt. Aslo the examinor recommend me as a good driver.All credits goes on to you. I recommend anyone who looking for a patient instructor, it’s mofa.

Thajudeen Naleem Maidstone

An excellent instructor to get your license first time!

Noah Braybrook

Thank you to Mofa for helping me gain experience and confidence with my driving. He is very experienced and knowledgeable about driving tips and how to be more skilled on the road. I passed my first driving test thanks to Mofa and I would highly recommend him.

Phuong Le Thi Ngoc Therry Street, Melbourne

I never drove car in my life and was scared to drive. But Mofakher made it look easier for me. It took me only 10 lessons to learn all the driving skills and pass in first attempt. So thank you so much again. Highly recommended.

Vicky Shira Footscray

Mofakhar helped me the whole way. I was so nervous when I started and made plenty of mistakes. Mofakhar was patient and explained the rules, techniques and info about the test many, many times. I was delighted to pass the test in the first attempt and finally get my license. I really think Mofa is an excellent teacher and highly recommend him to other students.

Faye Forbes Footscray

I would like to thank Mofa for his guidance and professionalism in helping me pass my test first time. It was evident from the first lesson how patient he was. Mofa went over the test possible test routes with me which proved to be correct on the day and certainly helped me pass. I would recommend anyone to Mofa who would like to pass first time

William Hock Sunshine North

Awesome experience. Instructor was very helpful, patient and informative. Would highly recommend. Passed test on first try!

Sylvia Huffman Sunshine

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